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The Slumber Room: An Alternative Hangout


2/25/05 08:50 am - jnkmansdaughter

Just thought I'd post in this cause no one ever does. Nothing to say really..hmmm. My head hurts ima go lay down.


2/13/05 05:35 pm - darkchild007

OMFG!!!!!!!!!! I have an internet journal for u guys... and I will let my dad read it... that's why I don't include certain 'details' on the internet... I just caught my dad reading MY PRIVATE JOURNAL!!! So now he knows Ben drove without a license and all kind shit that was NONE of his business.... dammit. Why does it always happen to me???

2/8/05 11:19 pm - darkchild007

Have you ever come to a point in your life, a point where no matter what you do, it's wrong? The situation can't be resolved without somebody getting hurt. If you do something you'll feel guilty, but to do nothing is even worse. I am so confused. Also, I hate my dad. He doesn't ever talk to me and when I really need his support/advice he's a complete jerk. I started crying because he got me so mad. I think I'm a timebomb just waiting to go off. I don't know what to do about anything... I'm completely lost and feel like a terrible person. I need help, but it's like nobody can help me... is anybody listening?

2/3/05 11:09 pm - darkchild007

I dream about how it's going to end
Approaching me quickly
Leaving a life of fear
I only want my mind to be clear
People making fun of me
For no reason but jealousy
I fantasise about my death
I'll kill myself from holding my breath
My suicidal dream
Voices telling me what to do
My suicidal dream
I'm sure you will get yours too

Help me comfort me
Stop me from feeling what I'm feeling now,
The rope is here,
Now I'll find a use,
I'll kill myself,
I'll put my head in a noose,

My suicidal dream,
Voices telling me what to do,
My suicidal dream,
I'm sure you will get yours too,

Dreamin' about my death, dream,
Suicidal, suicidal, suicidal dream,
I'm suicidal,
Suicidal dream

That was one one my favorite songs...it's called 'Suicidal Dream' and it's by Silverchair.

2/3/05 08:49 am - jnkmansdaughter

She paints her eyes as black as night now
She pulls those shades down tight
There's a smile when the pain comes
The pain's gonna make everything all right

2/2/05 10:11 pm - femme_fatale21 - Hey

Okay, just figured I'd properly introduce myself. I'm Kayla Denson =D. I have been alcohol-free for . . . umm. . . 4 days? lol jp. I guess I already know most of you anyways.

2/2/05 07:39 pm - darkchild007

I just checked edline and in Mr.Willard's science class I have a... 69!!! omfg wtf!?! that means me, Emily N**** Win***** is FAILING a class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywayz, the reason 4 posting is we have a new member: femme fatal u guyz may or may not know her. She goes to our school and her name is Kayla. I'm not gonna give out the rest of it on the net. n.e.wayz be nice! *lmao* ttyl

1/29/05 01:40 am - darkchild007

Homosexuals are gay...

1/22/05 07:30 pm - darkchild007

um... how do u change fonts? lol. plz let me know

anywayz, I just listened to the My Chemical Romance cd and realized u guys may or may not have heard them before. They sing that song 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)' and the cd is called 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' they sound like a cross between AFI and The Used. So if ur interested, check 'em out! ^_^

I'm gonna go watch Bridget Jones's Diary... byez!

1/21/05 10:47 pm - darkchild007

I saw White Noise. It's not bad at all, but it's not a super awesome movie either. Rent it at Blockbuster. Anywayz, Holly is oober pissed @ my lame times new roman font. Like I know anything about coolness, so tell me what to change the font to. thanx, mgt. lol. luv u guyz!!!!!!!!!!!
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