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The Slumber Room: An Alternative Hangout

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1/19/05 04:34 pm - darkchild007 - classes

I won't swear on anyone's life, but I think these are my classes for next year:
-Algebra II
-Honors English II
-Honors World History
-Honors Biology*
-Spanish I
-Advanced Ensemble
*If you're in honors please let me know whether I should take it or not.

omg Samuel thank-you so much for the movie/poster update!!! ttyl peeps!!!
-luv dc007

1/16/05 06:40 pm - xbuoyantangerx - RELEASE DATES!!!

Well i saw the entry for the movie release dates and here they are!

harry potter and the goblet of fire: november 18, 2005
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: July 15, 2005
AND good news for emily!!! They already have the poster on sale for charlie and the chocolate factory, movie sized for 24.99 at allposters.com! well i think thats about it besides IM GETTING MY GAMECUBE TOMORROW!!!
like the layout
tt everybody later!

1/16/05 02:37 pm - darkchild007 - nEw LayOuT!!!!

Hey guys!!! As you can see, we have a new layout for the slumber_room. Thanx Sara (andali) for helping me fix everything. I thought that 'evil' dude looked really cool and fit in with the whole 'slumber room' title. Do y'all like it??? Anywayz, I updated the interests and if I left anything out just comment and I'll fix it. Also, has anyone heard when Charlie and the Chocolate factory is coming out? How about Goblet of Fire? Let me know. ttyl. toodles!
-luv dc007

1/15/05 11:39 pm - darkchild007 - new post.. duh

LOST was AWESOME... but I'm actually not gonna talk about it... c'mon y'all tell me what classes you're taking...and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!! *lol* yeah and I'll update the interests tomorrow. Sara wants to make a layout for the Slumber Room, but we don't know exactly wat to do. If you have a suggestion please post. luv ya!

1/12/05 04:08 pm - darkchild007 - MoNoLoUgEs!?!?

Hey everyone. Which character is everyone doing for their english project?

omg everyone I have a website http://www.freewebs.com/darkchild007 so go check it out and plz sign my guestbook. There's also a link to Roxii's page and a couple of other cool places. luv ya!

Oh yeah, and LOST comes on tonight so my update tomorrow might be about that. Oh yeah, and have you ever just stared at someone? Not 'caz they're hot or n.e.thing, just stared... I did that today (on accident) I hope I didn't freak anybody out... sometimes I just space, especially in geometry. So what classes are all u planning on taking next year? here's mine: (* means not sure yet)
Spanish I
Hon. English II
AP World History
Advanced Ensemble (chorus)*
Hon. Biology*
Algebra II

okies, ttyl. luv y'all. byez! -dc007

1/12/05 04:58 am - jnkmansdaughter


1/11/05 04:36 pm - darkchild007 - 'sup y'all?

Only ONE more day to a new episode of LOST! omg I can't wait. the commercial for this week looked really good. Yeah... and Holly, we DO have Monday off for MLK *yay* three day weekend! Anywayz, my friend Joey is really depressed for reasons only I know and I don't know how to help him. I wish I could cheer him up... OMG Joey told me that he went up to Justin today and was like, "Wazz-up Justin? Hey... What's going on with you and Emily? Huh?" and Justin was like "nothing" and Joey was all, "C'mon dude, I know you want to hit that." ...I was like, "OMG! I'm going to rip your balls off!!!!!" Obviously I was joking, but you can understand how embarrassing that was, right? Oh well... *sighs* ...Oh yeah, and Justin invited me to the movies! ^_^ I can't wait... So, what did everyone choose for Mrs. Browns project? I have "Mary I" Well I guess that's all for now... remember to post your interests by Friday afternoon @ 5:30 'caz I'm updating the communities interest page at 6:00. thanx, byez!

1/10/05 07:29 am - jnkmansdaughter - Sick!=(

Well today sucked! I gotta headache early this morning and it got really bad after lunch. I was gonna go call me mummy during 4th but we had a sub & I didn't know if she'd lemme. So as soon as I got to 5th period I asked MRs. Brown and she said yes. So I went up there & first called my house, then my mom's cell, and then my dad's cell. And no one answered!! i was really upset & felt horrible. I started feeling naucious(is that how u spell it?) and was gettin a migrane. So right after 5th period i went to the office & called Aunt Tammy's cell cause I membered she was possed to go w/ Mummy n Tyler to the doctor. She answered & I was soo happy! When I was talkin to her I felt so bad I almost started cryin! =( So anyway, I sat in the Attendence Office for like everrrr!! Mummy didn't get there till right after the afternoon annoucments! Then we got Den and we all went to Ingel's to get some food & meds for me. As soon as mummy n Aunt Tammy started gettin outta the car I started gagging! I thought I was gonna throwomg i dunno how to spell it?!) up in the parking lot! (H.O.s skateboard!! lol NeD!) But then I didn't but I felt absolutely HORRID!! I can't remember the last time I felt that bad. But anyway me & Den sat in the car & talked & then they took us home. Well when I got home I went to my room, feed my Tomigotchi lol and changed into my PJs. Then I went into the kitchen to get my meds and as soon as I got there I started throwin up everywhere!! Eww it was soo nasty, it got on the carpet and all over my PJ's and FEET!! Eww it was red and brown from M&M's lol! It was sooo grosssss! I threw up like 5 or 6 times and then went into the bathroom & threw up somemore!! It was horrible! Then I took my meds and layed down. I didn't sleep very good & when I woke up i still had a little bit 'o a headache and was starving! So I ate some Chicken Noodle Soup and just watched TV & talked to mummy. OOO yeah I got my XMAS present from Court today in the mail. It was a reallllllyyy cute black shirt, but when I opened it I ripped the envelope thingy it was in & it was filled with these little tiny fuzzy pieces 'o newspaper & it got all over my BLACK shirt! I was pissed.(im still mad at her)eport cards today. I got 3 A's 2 B's and 1 C. I was pretty happy cause the C was in Algebra and i didn't even expect to pass it. Oh yeah, does anyone know if we get next Monday off for MLK day???

1/10/05 04:53 pm - darkchild007 - Awwww

Awww! Did you guys see that drug doggie today? He was so cute! ^_^ I heard that he busted two people today... I thought it wasn't supposed to count today or whatever... oh well. uh Holly u sent me a list of your interests and I'll include as many of your as I can but I'm gonna combine certain things like cheese and cheese whiz... is that okay? Anywayz, have you guys heard about the sixth Harry Potter book? Well, I mean obviously you have... but I meant do y'all know anything about it? There's a site called mugglenet.com that has a lot of stuff on it. ^_^ hopes that help's anyone who wanted more info. byez!
-luv dc007

1/9/05 05:43 am - jnkmansdaughter

Thanks for the comments! I've cooled off since then but I'll deff. take you guys up on the offer, if I ever need someone to talk to..which is a lot! Anyway I guess I'll go leave my "interests" in a comment for Em!(i <33 that!! "Em" it's cute just like her walk! lol)

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